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Chapter 7

AN: Anything in italics, just italics, is a flashback or a distant memory. With an exception of author's notes, of course.

If there is any song I can relate too, it would be: Like We Used To - A Rocket To The Moon.

"14 months and seven days ago, Oh I know you know how we felt about that night."

I slumped back on my chair with disappointment and shock shown clearly in my face. HE WHAT? I didn't notice I said, well rather screamed that out loud until my uber nice friend Jack responded to my question. "Sorry, B. I'm you had to find out this way." she said, "But look at the bright-" "There is not bright or sunny side to this, Jack." I spat at her, venom in my voice. But like always Jack looks past it, and is as supporting as ever. "Need a hug?" she asks. "No." I whisper.

"Crying doesn't help you know?" I whisper to myself. Great, I'm talking to myself, just another sign of loneliness. Clearly that whole moving to a different city- no, state. Fresh, clean slate, new life, happy mood, great dates with hockey superstar only lasts for a few short weeks. Sadly. Luckily, I was meeting up with Leighton to go shopping for this party she's going, correction: we're going to attend. Shopping is the best distraction or even medication for broken heart, my mother always told me.

But I don't believe her. To my the best distraction AND medication is: Sidney Crosby.

Sid and I gave only gone to a few dates, but we've been texting and calling each other a lot, lately. I have been careful though, it's hard but not impossible. I make sure to let him do all the talking and not me. I make sure I don't get to close, and if I do i'll make sure even more, that I don't get carried away. But he makes it so hard, with his beautiful, colorful eyes, his exotic, Canadian accent, his lips; oh those lips, his laugh, his everything. It's definitely hard, but it'll never be impossible.

"Okay, so tell me all about it." Leighton squeals. I sigh, even though I know what she's talking about, I still ask her, "Huh? What are you talking about?" "Oh don't look so lost, I know, you know what I'm talking about." She says. "Fine." I muttered, "It was great, absolutely lovely. He took me out to this coffee shop just outside of Pittsburgh." "Second date." She says. I look at her with annoyance, "Seriously?" "Yup." She answers back. "We stayed in Pittsburgh this time. We went out for a walk, coffee in our hands. He talked about Canada, hockey, his family. We shared jokes and we laughed." I told her. "That's so romantic!" She says, in delight. I just smile at her, and stare of at the distance. " I know, right?" I said.

What to wear? What to wear? I've gone through the two shopping bags full of items from Macy's and I still don't know what to wear. I hope Leighton is have more luck, that I am. I sigh in frustration, out of all the clothes I have and I still don't know what to wear? Damn it. This is going to take forever. I kept banging my head in the wall until my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I said into the phone. "Hey it's Sid." Instantly, I straightened my back and brushed of any lint from my clothes. "Hey Sid, how are you?" "Fine. I'm just getting ready for this party." He replies. "Party? What party?" I ask, doesn't this party sound familiar? "Oh, people from the children's hospital arranged it." Huh. Coincidence much? "I was wondering, do you want to come with me? You know, as my date.." He went on. "Sure." I replied, "Besides I was already going anyways." "Oh yea?" He asks. "Yup. My friend works there. So she invited me. But no worries, she didn't ask me to be her date. She already has someone else filling up that position." I told him, and of course he laughs. Oh that wonderful, girly laugh of his. "Well, I'll see you there. Oh and I really hope you wear something black. I really like that color on you." He states. "Yea, I'll try my best to find something black." I laugh.

I ended up wearing a black chiffon dress. That's not from Macy's. Cocktail dress paired up with Louboutin's. Perfect match. The way to the party was nerve-wracking, and the whole ride there I was overly-anxious. But, why would I be? It's just a party, the kind of party I've already been to over a thousand times. Even though I know deep in myself, it wasn't the party I was nervous about, it was the person I'm meeting there.

AN: Expect this to be the last chapter until Christmas? Maybe. I'm just so, so busy. But I do plan on continuing this story. Thanks for waiting! Oh and, I know this chapter isn't quite the best. I've just been rushing to post this, so you guys can read it. ;D Anyways, expect some minor changes for this chapter when I come back. Comments, Comments, Comments!

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PS: Here's a little hint for what might happen in the next few chapters: More flashbacks. ;)

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Chapter Six

"Where are we going?" I asked Sidney, for probably the hundredth time. I've never been a big fan of surprises, I just find them unnecessary. A waste of my time. "We're almost here. Sorry, that it's so far away. It's just that if I go somewhere like Mario's then I get noticed a lot." "It's fine." I reassured him.

The car ride to the place we're going to was full of awkward moments and silence and laughter. It was different, he was different. There is something about Sidney Crosby that was...enchanting. Magical, almost.

"We're here." He stated, bringing me back to reality.

We ended up going to a coffee shop, after almost twenty minutes of driving. The coffee shop was called Little Joe's. It was just at the outskirts of Pittsburgh. The place looked abandoned, it was nothing like Starbuck's. The place looked lonely an uncared for on the outside, with withering flowers and tall grass practically dominating the place. The door had a sign that said Little Joe's that is going in a circular direction. While the outside of the shop looked untamed, the inside was better looking. The inside of the place had a real fireplace with fire burning and counters with delicious looking treats, and so many types of coffee, hot chocolate, lattes, mochas, tea, basically any type of drink you want can be found here. The place smelled of coffee beans, herbal plants, and caramel syrup. It was amazing. It was making me drool. While the place was small, and tight, it was warm and cozy and home-y.

"Wow. This place looks great." I whispered to Sidney. "Yea, the food and coffee tastes great too." He smiled at me.

"Hey Sid! Great game tonight, way to score a goal!" One of people behind the corner said. "Thanks. I'm happy that we won." He replied. "It's about time to end that ugly loosing streak." Sidney laughed at the comment. "Yeah, I think so too." He said. "Who's the little lady you have with you, Sid?" The man asked.

"Uh, Im Isabella. Call me Bella, though." I said to the strange guy. "Nice to meet you, darling. I'm Joe." He said. "Im guessing you're the owner?" I asked, already knowing the answer. He laughed, a big laugh. He almost sounded like Santa. "That's right! Sidney, she's a keeper." I looked at Sidney, and I saw him turn red. I laughed along, but not for the same reasons.

"I've never been to Canada. My parents been there, though." I answered him honestly. The last of my White Chocolate and Peppermint Latte was gone, and I was left with my banana bread. "Never been? Really? It's amazing there. You should really visit." He said. "Maybe I will." I told him. We looked at each other for a while, just taking in the silence. With Sidney, I didn't feel the need to try to fill in all the awkward silences, like I usually would on a date. It was almost comforting, the way the only thing you're hearing is yourself breathing and your heartbeats. In New York, that was almost impossible. There's always something going on in New York, it was never, ever quiet. It was the city that never sleeps, after all.

We continued to talk for what seemed like minutes, but really we went on for hours. We we're there until Joe decided to kick us out. There really wasn't anyone at Little Joe's, an occasional costumer would walk in a few times but no one that really stayed like me and Sidney. We ended up exchanging numbers and promising to call each other. And he ended up asking me out on a date again. "I had fun tonight, we should really do it again." was his exact words. Followed by, "Wanna, maybe hang out again? And I promise you this time, i'll take you out to a real dinner." And ended with his hands at the back of his neck and his eyes staring down at his shoes. Weird. He sounded more confident when he asked me out the first time. I replied with a simple smile and a casual "Sure."

I really shouldn't be back on my feet this fast, after that terrible heart ache that Owen gave me, I really thought that I would end up alone with tissues and cats all around me.


"Why would you do that me, Owen? You said you loved me." I said, with tears running down my eyes. "Im sorry Iz, I was drunk. It was a stupid mistake. Something that I regret, and I wish I could do it over again." He whispered. holding my face with his two, wet hands. We were in the middle of the sidewalk, in the pouring rain. It would have been so much more romantic and better if he wasn't confessing, and I didn't find out the truth and we we're kissing. But sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you planned.

"Don't you dare call me 'Iz' You have no right to call me that." I spat at him. How could he? It was one thing to cheat on me, but another to cheat on me, and get the damn slut pregnant.

"I really am sorry, Bella." He said. "We are so over. I really hope you know that." I told him, and without any hesitation I turned around, walked away and swore to myself to never look back.

That was really the only reason why I left New York, the only reason I'm trying so hard to move on, the only reason why I sometimes just break down and start crying. Maybe I should get some help. I was happy to have left New York City, if I really thought about it; I never really belonged there. I really didn't have friends, just people I chose to waste my time with. I really had thought Owen was the "one". I really thought, that he was the guy I would spend the rest of my life with. The first person that I would see, when I wake up and the last person I would see before I go to sleep. I thought he was going to be the guy that would be in the altar waiting for me to walk down the aisle, the first and only man I would ever hear say "I do." and vowing himself to me. I thought he was going to be the father of my children, the man I would make breakfast for, the man I would kiss in the cheek every morning and telling him to have a good day. I guess I was wrong.

And if I'm not careful enough, I just might fall head over heels for Sidney Crosby. And that is not a good thing. Walls up, doors locked, I have a heart to protect.

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Chapter Five

AN: I'm going to try to make this chapter longer than the ones before.

"Dinner?" He smiled, "sure?" I replied. "That doesn't sound like an answer, it sounds more like a question." "Oh, really? I mean- Sure, why not?" I said, trying to look confident. He smiled at me, "Well, there's a game tomorrow, so how about you come to the game and afterward we can go out for dinner?" He stated. "Sorry, I didn't buy any tickets, I'm not really a big fan of hockey. Actually, come to think of it, I'm not even a fan of hockey. No offense." He laughed, "Non-taken. And don't worry about it, I'll leave you a ticket at will call." "Uh, okay? Wait- What's will call?" That really had him going, does he think I'm some stupid loser now? "Just look for the sign that says will call okay?" "Yup." I smiled at him.

Unbelievable, one minute I was shouting at Sidney Crosby and calling him an asshole and next I'm getting asked out? What the hell is going on? I am so confused.

The next day is when I started panicking, and when everything started sinking in. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to wear? I'm going to a hockey game, am I supposed to wear a jersey? Should I buy a jersey? I mean, if I did would I get the one that has Crosby pasted on the back? So many questions, so little time. I ended up wearing a striped, red, three quarter sleeve shirt, black jeans and black boots. God, we better not be going to a fancy, formal dinner.

Once I got to the arena, I started looking for the will call booth. And gladly enough, it was easy to find. Rink-side seats and backstage passes. The players came soon enough, and I spotted an Crosby/87 jersey near. He was doing stretches, and I couldn't help but stare at his ass. That's some big ass.

The Pittsburgh Penguins won against the Atlanta Thrashers. 4-2. (AN: See what I did there? ;)) And, it was an amazing game. The momentum that the fans give the team was just so energizing and loud and unbelievable, that it made me chant along with them and it kept me at the edge of my seat. It was amazing and incredible. Maybe I am a fan of hockey all along.

Trying to find the locker room was a little more difficult than finding the will call booth. I had to ask about three workers, before I finally found the door that had the penguin sing in it and a big tall guy standing beside it. "Who are you here for, miss?" He asked. "Uh, Sidney Crosby." I told him lamely. His response shocked me, why was he laughing? Did he think I was lying? I really over-think things to much. I Sighed. "Are you sure? Or, maybe you're really here for Maxime Talbot." "Who?" I asked, confused, "What number is his jersey?" He laughed even louder. "25" he said in between breaths. "Oh, yea. I mean no, I'm here for #87 Sidney Crosby." "Okay" He said, still in between breaths. He opened the door for me.

The smell of axe and sweat hit me hard. It stinks. "Ugh, this is going to give me a headache." I muttered to myself. I sat down on one of the benches, literally not knowing what to do and feeling completely left out and not belonged. I really hope Sidney Crosby wont take too long. There we're a lot of people here, mostly girls with long legs and wavy or straight shiny hair and different jerseys that were a probably a size too big for them. Half of them staring at me and the other half pretending I didn't exist. "Hi, I'm Vero. I'm Marc Andre's girlfriend." This girl said, extending her manicured hand for me to shake. "I'm Isabella, and I don't even know what I'm doing here other than I'm suppose to meeting or waiting for someone here." I said, shaking her hand. "Yea, you really look out of place." She smiled and I laughed. "So, who are you waiting for? Max?" She asked. "Who the hell is this Max, and why do people keep thinking I'm here for him?" "That would be me, Madamoiselle." This handsome guy, with a wonderful french accent said, totally surprising me. "You must be Isabella, Sidney told me all about you. He's right you know? You are feisty and sassy. I like sassy." I just laughed at him. "Hi, nice to meet you...Max." I said, extending my hand for him to shake.

"Wait- Sidney? You're here for Sidney?" Vero asked. I nodded my head, and pursed my lips. Why are all of these people so surprised that I was asked to come here by Sidney Crosby?

"I'm sorry if that came out rude, it's not you. It's Sidney. Like, seriously?" She said, turning her head to Maxime Talbot. "Oui, Captain has a date tonight." He replied. "Wow, who would've thought. Just when you think Sid is gay, he surprises as all by setting his sights on you." She said. "Excuse me?" I retorted. "Oh, no! Don't take it the wrong way. It's just that Sidney has always been so focused in hockey that we all thought that he's either gay or that he has a crush at Lord Stanley." She stated. "Lord Stanley?" "The Stanley cup." Vero replied. "Oh." After that there was an awkward silence. And a gay baby is born! "Hey let me introduce you to the rest of the wives and girlfriends. If you're going to be Sid's future girlfriend or wife, I need to show you to the group." Vero said excitingly. "Um, sure why not?" The rest of the wives and girlfriends. They sound like a hockey groupie. I am not going to be a part of a groupie, no matter how sweet and nice they all are.

It's been 35 minutes since the game ended, and no sights of Sidney Crosby. So far, I've met Matt Cooke's wife (Jersey #24), Pascal Dupuis's wife (Jersey #9), and Evgeni Malkin's girlfriend (Jersey #71 and the guy who had three goals today) and so many other people. Too bad Hilary Duff wasn't here, because apparently her husband played for the Penguins. Who knew?

5 minutes after, Sidney finally came out. Just in time, because I sure am hungry. "Sorry I kept you waiting Isabella." "Just Bella." "What you don't like you're full name?" He asked. "No, not really." I told him plainly. "I actually really hate it." He laughed, a laugh so loud and girly and cute that it made me laugh too. "Where do you want to eat?" He asked. "Um, anywhere I guess. Except McDonald's, I read somewhere that one time this lady was eating some chicken nuggets and she found the head of the chicken in her nuggets." I told him, while remembering that disgusting image of that lady holding that chicken's head in a nugget with her hands. "Thanks for telling my that wonderful story of yours. Now I'm craving some McDonald's." "Date's off then, any guy that wants to eat at McDonald's for a first date is a big turn off for me." I told him. "Don't worry, I was being sarcastic. Besides I have better plans than eating at McDonald's." He laughed.

I was wrong, Sidney Crosby is anything but an asshole. Im starting to think that there's more to him than just a hockey player. He's a genuine sweet guy, unlike some people I know. Correction: I knew.

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Chapter Four

I'm lonely. Really lonely. You know those points in your life, when you just think about why you made the choice you made, and why you decided to do what you did, why you decided to step out of you're comfort zone, and you instantly kind of regret that decision but it passes as soon as it came? Yea, I'm having one of those, ugly moments.

"More, miss?" The bartender asked, while holding some more of that bottle of vodka. I looked at him, weighing my chances on ending up on his bed the next morning. I sighed. "No thanks. But- instead can I have some of those cheese sticks?" "Sure." He smiled, trying to look dazzling. Not working though. I was sipping the last of my delicious, regret and doubt numbing vodka, when this guy with familiar colorful hazel eyes tried to make small talk with me. I appreciate his friendliness, but I'm really not in the mood to talk. I would much rather be alone right now. "I saw you in the game, the other night." He told me. "Game? Oh yea. Stalking me?" I smirked at him. He chuckled. "Nah, it was just that you were right beside the penalty box. And..." "And what?" I said, knowing what he was going to say next, but not believing until he actually says it. "And, I was in that penalty box. Hi, I'm Sidney Crosby."

I blushed. My first reaction was to blush. And then, I gulped down the last of my vodka. "Excuse me, do you mind telling me how strong this vodka is because I think I'm hallucinating. Is Sidney Crosby really beside me?" I asked the Mr Not-So-Dazzling Bartender. They both laughed, I sighed. "Is there anything you need, Mr. Crosby? It's in the house" the bartender asked, probably hoping he'll say yes. I wonder if that bartender is gay. "Just because you're some fucking hockey god, doesn't mean you should be getting some damn superstar treatment." I muttered. I pulled out two five's out of my wallet and walked out. If there's anything I hate more than that asshole in New York, it was celebrities or billionaires or millionaires or anyone rich and famous that get special treatment. People are supposed to be made equal, everyone should be working hard to get what they want. It can't just be magically given to them for free. I have lost any adoration for that Sidney Crosby, clearly I judged to soon. Who would've thought that he was the same as anyone else and that he was "normal". I should have known that anyone who's anyone will always get some kind of treatment. I've always thought never judge a book by it's cover only applies when whatever you're thinking about that person is a negative opinion and thought, I never knew it actually applies to all thoughts whether it's a personal, neutral or negative thought.

"I don't think we got in the right path there." Sidney Crosby said, pointing to the restaurant sign. I just looked at him, "Yea we didn't," I plainly told him. "You know, just because you're this fucking famous asshole in Pittsburgh. Doesn't mean you should get special treatment, you know? I mean for all we know, you could be cheating you're way into the hockey league." I catched my breathe. I looked at him, he looked taken back. "Are you accusing me of something I didn't do?" He asked. "Of course you did it! I mean, who wouldn't? They just offered you anything you want in the restaurant. I bet if you asked for the whole restaurant, they would've given it you! Huh? And plus, it's on the house" I said, imitating that bartender. "For you're information, I am anything but that. I did not take them up on the offer, but I did ask for some water. And I paid." He said, and he made sure I heard the last part by pausing between each word. "Oh," I said "I didn't know. Sorry." He smiled at me and laughed. "You wanna go out for dinner or coffee?" He asked. "Excuse me?" I said, not sure if I heard him correctly.

Maybe that crush wasn't as unreachable as I thought. It really is a small world.
If the world really was small, then Pittsburgh is the size of bathroom stall in a public washroom.

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Chapter Four Preview

AN: Thank You for the comments! It really makes me feel like this isnt just a waste of time, and it keeps me going! Thanks, guys. Here's a little preview for the next chapter. ;)

I'm lonely. Really lonely. You know those points in your life, when you just think about why you made the choice you made, and why you decided to do what you did, why you decided to step out of you're comfort zone, and you instantly kind of regret that decision but it passes as soon as it came? Yea, I'm having one of those, ugly moments.

"More, miss?" The bartender asked, while holding some more of that bottle of vodka. I looked at him, weighing my chances on ending up on his bed the next morning. I sighed. "No thanks. But- instead can I have some of those cheese sticks?" "Sure." He smiled, trying to look dazzling. Not working though. I was sipping the last of my delicious, regret and doubt numbing vodka, when this guy with familiar colorful hazel eyes tried to make small talk with me. I appreciate his friendliness, but I'm really not in the mood to talk. I would much rather be alone right now. "I saw you in the game, the other night." He told me. "Game? Oh yea. Stalking me?" I smirked at him. He chuckled. "Nah, it was just that you were right beside the penalty box. And..." "And what?" I said, knowing what he was going to say next, but not believing until he actually says it. "And, I was in that penalty box. Hi, I'm Sidney Crosby."

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Chapter Three

Work started today. I had to go "house" hunting, but I really wouldn't call it house hunting since I'm not looking for a house. I'm looking for the place I will soon call my shop. I didn't even know where to begin, how to start, or how to do it. All I know is, I want it to be downtown near the Consol Energy Centre, so that whenever there's a game or a concert people would pass by my store, and plus it will be near my house. There really wasn't a lot of places on sale. My expectations we're a little to high, and I needed to set them lower. It was a good thing my budget was unlimited, that my father was an expert at these kind of things, that I had someone I could talk to business-wise, and if my plan of opening a shop fails, I wouldn't be broke or homeless. My father is rich, rich beyond my mind can comprehend. It wasn't something I would tell people I just met, I wouldn't just go and tell people that my father is this rich, successful, famous business man, actually I don't tell them at all. I let them figure it out all by themselves, it's mean of me to do it, but I have to. I've trusted wrong people before, I've told them my secrets, trusted them with everything in me just to have them cut me in the back once I was no longer useful to them. Trust cant just be magically given, it has to be earned. I learned that, the hard way.

Last night me and Leighton, exchanged numbers and decided to meet for lunch at this place called Jo's. The food was great and our conversation was interesting and funny. I like Leighton, she was different from all my friends from New York, she actually seemed real and not fake. Her laughs actually sounded genuine, and she actually listened to me. A friend of her's named Kristina joined us. I was making friends, better friends. Friends that actually wanted to be my friend, because they wanted too, not because of of who my father is and what he has and what he can do.

My life in New York was far from charming. At least not in the inside. Socially, I had the best life. Things we're given to me, I was given all the attention I wanted, I had a boyfriend who adored me, everything seemed picture perfect, but what they didn't know is that, it wasn't. It was far from perfect really, it was actually quite imperfect. My mother used to cry every night about how she misses my father and how she wishes she didn't have to sleep alone every night. All I really had was my sister and my younger brother and my two friends, my two best friends who I can vent and relate with. What happened five months ago was what pushed me in the edge of that little island, what really got me thinking. My parents were literally hanging on to a thread with their marriage, my sister left. My brother, decided to try cutting himself. Our lives we're scandalous. But in that five months, it also brought my family closer, in a way. My father decided to take a break from traveling all around the world, Jeremy turned to therapy and my sister got married. So in a way, those hell of a five months saved my family from total destruction. It might have saved my father, my mother, Elena and Jeremy but somehow it decided to leave me out. Decided I needed to suffer more. But really, why?

AN: It's a little short, but it's really only a small little inside detail of Isabella's old life. I only posted this, so you guys can get to know her better, so you guys can understand her more. Chapter Four will be a little more focused on the present time, and maybe there will be a guest appearance from someone we all know and love.

The New Names

Elizabeth: Isabella
Remy: Leighton

So now, Elizabeth's new name is Isabella and Remy's name is now Leighton.

And I am going to change their names from my previous two chapters. So you guys wont be getting confused or anything. Again, I'm so sorry I'm doing this to you guys. Please, please forgive me.

PS: My little surprise sorry gift for you guys, is coming up next... So watch out!


Okay so, many of you will find this very confusing and unnecessary but I just feel like I need and want to do it. So here's the thing, I want to change Elizabeth's and Remy's name. I know you'll all be wondering why. It's because for one thing,I just find the name Elizabeth too long and as for Remy's name, I just find it childish and immature and second the name Elizabeth seems a little old fashion, out of date even. And of course the thing that really bugs me is that: I just don't think the name Elizabeth matches as a couples name with Sid's. So, I so truly hope you guys can catch up with me and I really hope this doesn't confuse or burden you much while reading my story. I hope you guys understand!

PS: This will be the only time I will ever do something like this. Scout's Honor! This will be the only time I will ever do a change to my story this big. So I'm very sorry for my desire to change something so big this far into my story. I really, truly hope you guys understand!

I will give you guys further update about this. I'm not deciding now on their new names. I fear that I might change their names again. So, if you guys have any ideas or anything at all, just comment. :)

The post about their names will soon be posted.

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Chapter Two

Right there in that very moment, he was staring at me. And not the friendly, thanks for being a fan kind of stare. It was a down right awkward, have i seen you before? kind of stare. I smiled at him slightly, trying to act like I know what I was doing. But I don't, hell I'm not even sure why I'm doing it. The last time Ive ever actually stared and tried to flirt with another guy was two years ago. Two years before I met the guy who broke and slapped and burned my heart. And luckily enough, he smiled back at me. Yea, I didn't know what I was doing, but whatever I did I was thankful for. Sidney Crosby is damn cute.

"Isabe-" "Yea, Leighton?" I said, blushing and kind of sad that I broke my moment with Sidney Crosby. "He-He, was staring and smiling at you! You lucky bitch!" I just giggled. When I turned my head to see if he was still there, he was. But his attention is not on me anymore. He was talking to someone in a suit. I sighed, kind of sad. It didn't stop me from staring at him though. Was it possible that maybe, just maybe this boy, this superstar/Canadian hockey god noticed me? It wasn't true, can not be true. This kind of things just didn't happen in real life, books and movies yes. But not in reality, because reality; reality is full of bullshit and assholes who cheat on you. NOT Canadian hockey stars who smiles and down-right stares at you for some mysterious unknown reason.

After the game, I decided to hang out with my new friend Leighton. If I wanted to live in Pittsburgh for a long time, I needed to make friends and relationships with anyone or everyone. We went to grab something to eat, I told her about the store I was opening and she offered a hand with anything that I have troubles with. Turns out Leighton is an intern at childrens hospital (interns as in on her way to becoming a surgeon for children)I never really would've guessed. I mean who would've? Here comes Leighton, dressed in skinny jeans, an off shoulder sweatshirt and a leather jacket. No one could have or would've guessed. But I have to admit, it was awesome; being a person who has the talent to save someone's life. That's a great, wonderful thing. And of course I told her that. I really think me and Leighton can become best friends.

This is a wonderful start to my "new life" New friends, a new unreachable crush, a wonderful apartment and a beautiful city, and a new store/job. I made a good decision. Moving to Pittsburgh was a very good decision.

Maybe, just maybe Pittsburgh is better than New York. Just Maybe.

AN: I know it's a little short. But it will get longer and more exciting. I'm still in the getting to know that characters stage. And I'm very, very sorry that I haven't updated since summertime. Trust me guys, I do plan on finishing this story!