Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter One

i miss new york. it was the first thought that i had, when i stepped foot in Pittsburgh. all i thought about was, how crappy Pittsburgh looked while i compared it mentally to new york. sure its surrounded by water but new york was too. and maybe it doesn't have killer traffics, and maybe it wasn't nearly as crowded as new york, it was probably safer too. but was it as sleepless as new york? did its people wear black like there was no tomorrow? did it have a nickname like 'the big apple'? was there billboards plastered everywhere you look? no, no, no and no. i truly miss new york. but theres no turning back now, i have set my mind to one goal; and that was too open a store here, i don't know how I'll do it or even how to succeed but its a worth a try. i grabbed my Louis vouitton luggages, my prada bag, a duffel bag and my jansport backpack and headed out of the airport doors.

in new york, getting a taxi was like solving an unsolvable rubix cube but here getting a taxi was like calling a friend, quick and easy. my first stop was to my newly furnished condo, i was ready to unpack and settle in. when i got to my condo, which was apparently in the heart of Pittsburgh, i willingly dropped myself to the couch, took my phone out and called my mom, told her about how new york was better and she showered me with the i told you so's, but i just replied with a simple 'but it doesn't change my mind, I'm still going to try' after, we said our goodbyes and hanged up. i took my two luggages and rolled it to what seemed to be a small walk in closet, then i grabbed my duffel bag, backpack and handbag and placed it in the closet as well. i was heading out, I'm going to explore Pittsburgh, until my feet start aching and I'm on the edge on taking of my heels and walking barefoot in the streets of Pittsburgh.

i barely remember the reason why i chose Pittsburgh, as the location of my shop. all i knew was i wanted a new life, a new beginning, just like what the heroines did in books and movies, when heartbroken, move to another city, start a new life. and that exactly what I'm doing. and i was lucky enough i had more than one reason to move, and it was a great thing it wasn't as stupid as the other reason. my father wouldn't have said yes, to 'i want to avoid my ex'. even though Pittsburgh's not as great as new york, I'm thankful.


the cool breeze of Pittsburgh was great, it was refreshing in a way. while i was walking the streets of Pittsburgh, i came across a crowded place, it was like madison in way, i can tell by all the hockey jerseys. Crosby, Staal, Lemiuex, Fluery, Talbot, Letang.... that's all i saw, and in that split second someone tapped my shoulder. "hey lady, you want some tickets to game tonight? i rather sell these tickets, than throw it away. see, my son and i was suppose to attend, but my son is now sick and I'm not a big fan of hockey, i was only doing it because my son wanted too. so do you want it? they're really great seats." the man was right, it will be a waste to throw away those tickets, so i said sure. i gave him at least 300, for the ticket. "you sure you don't want the other one?" the man asked. "no thank you, besides I'm not here with anybody. if i bought the other one, i wouldn't know what to do with it" i smiled at him. "well okay, thanks for buying a ticket." he said, and then he was gone. i knew only basic knowledge of the sport hockey, and that was only because of my little brother, who was very much obsessed with it.

i didn't know how great the seat was, when the man said great, i only thought he said that because he wanted me to buy the tickets. i didn't know it was beside whats called a penalty box, which I'm guessing will be for the players who gets a penalty. "oh, i just hope Sidney Crosby gets a penalty tonight" the girl besides me said. "who?" i asked, confused. "Sidney Crosby, 87, captain of the pens?" "sorry, but i don't know him." i said, embarasingly. "gosh girl, if you don't know him then why are you watching this game?" she said back. "honestly i don't know, to kill time i guess" i shrugged at her, and then she laughed. "I'm Leighton. you?" the girl, with the big eyes said. "Isabella" i told her.

clearly Jeremy, my little brother forgot to tell me about Sidney Crosby the guy with beautiful hazel eyes, contagious laugh and the big fucking ass, Leighton's words, not mine. i laughed at my new found friend, Remy, when we heard that Crosby got a penalty, how she turned so pale, and how her eyes started bulging so fast, and how she started saying "oh my gosh" like a little girl who found out she can get a puppy. it was clear as day, that she was in love with this Crosby guy. "are you okay?" i asked her, "oh my fucking god, he's right there, sitting beside you! he's sitting beside you! OH MY FUCKING GOD!" she practically screamed. and that was when i bursted out laughing. I turned my head to look at this Crosby, to see if he's actually as perfect as Remy says he is. just to find him staring at me already.


"ive been through alot." thats all i told him. and he just looked at me. it was a different look, like he was remembering something, or trying to relate, or even trying to understand unlike the sympathetic look that everyone gives me, when they find out what happened to me. but its not the look that got me this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, its what he said. those two fucking words, was all it took to get me feeling emotions again. "me too" that was it, thats all he said. and in an instand, he stood up, smiled and hugged me. and when that happened, the tears that ive waited for, for four years finally arrived.


i bet, no one's reading this. this post will probably just get sent wandering around the web. but if there is someone out there, some form of existence who can read this then i have something to tell you;

ive decided to create one of those hockey fanfictions. i have to be honest, im not a very big fan of hockey -but im still a fan, i only sometimes watch it, but i do love the thrill that it sends to its viewers. and just like any hockey girl out there, sidney crosby is my favorite. like thats a surprise, eh?

this story will be different from the rest out there, but it probably wont be one of the greatest.
it has potential, at least in my eyes.

i hope you like it.