Friday, January 21, 2011

Chapter Ten

The kiss felt electric. It sent little static shocks all over me, from my finger tips to my toes. It felt amazing. I swear, I was going to melt. My knees were weakening and I was loosing my hold to the ground. The only thing supporting me was his hands on my waist. His hands on my body. Amazing.

When he pulled away, the fire from his eyes were gone. I was smiling and so was he. This is not good, I know it isn't. Still, this one felt different from all the others. Sparks fly and I see fireworks and stars. When he smiles, my heart does a little thu-thump-thump, and we touch, I feel as if I was electrified and that kiss, that kiss was like being shocked by lightning.

"Don't you understand, I'm kind of falling in love with you." He whispered.
Oh no. "No, you can't. I can't. Because if you do and I do, we're going to get hurt. One of us will get hurt." I said to him. I needed to be the rational one here.
"Well I guess, we'll just have to see, huh?" He said, unmoved by my very practical response.I smiled, maybe this isn't a bad thing. He was right though, maybe just maybe, I should just let my feelings free. Maybe I should fall in love and move on. Maybe I should forget about what Owen did and get on with the present. This is what I need. This could be healthy for me. And what if it doesn't work out? My mind asks, so what? my heart answers back. "So what?" I whisper very quietly. "What?" Sidney asks. Oops. "Nothing, nothing." I say back, quickly.

"You're a challenge, Bella. One of the hardest I've ever had."
"So, you give up?" I asked.
"No, I don't. Because giving up is loosing. I hate loosing." He chuckled to himself.
"I know." I muttered.
"Good, so will you just give up this act your trying to put up? It's not going to work you know."
"I know." I said again.

He stepped closer again and I know what's going to happen next. It was going to happen again and I was more that ready for it. Truth be told, I was still feeling something from when we last kissed and I couldn't wait to feel it again. It felt nice. So very nice.

Our lips touched, more gentle this time. Like he was scared that I was going to pull away and reject him. Like, I was fragile and should be handled with care like i'm one of the most beautiful china pieces he's ever seen. And maybe I was, I hope I was. If If I was to surrender to Sidney Crosby and just let it be, I should be prepared for anything that can happen. Good or bad.

Owen was terrible, heart breaking mistake. But that mistake is in the past now, something I need to let go off so I can move on and be happy with my life. Maybe Sidney can teach me that, he can teach me how to be happy and be grateful for what I have like he does.

This time I was the one to pull away. Not that I wanted to, because i'd much rather kiss him and just keep on kissing him. But I needed to talk to him.

"If I..." searching for the right words to say, "was to surrender to you. Will you promise me something?"
"Surrender?" He asked. I can tell, he finds my choice of words amusing.
"Yes, surrender...To you."
"What do I have to promise you?"
"Promise me, that you won't cheat on me. And if things don't work out between us, promise me, that you will instead be my friend." I told him.
"If you do surrender," mimicking the way I said the word, "I promise not to cheat on you, and if we we ever break up, I promise to be your best friend."
"I surrender." I smiled.

And the kiss went on...

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